Sunday, 22 February 2015

Chapter 20

Cerwyn had fallen asleep again. Her back was getting better slowly but the healing of it was making her constantly exhausted. Luna had told me she needed rest but I refused to leave the room. I needed to be with her. 
     It was late afternoon and the sun was hitting the damp grass outside, sparkling as it did. I remembered how it was too run over the rocks, through meadows and streams on days like this and a small tear formed in the corner of my eye. 
     The human world is filled with so many rules and it is terrifying, everything about it is wrong. Even the air smells and feels wrong. In the wild it is so clean and fresh but in the towns and cities it is thick and dirty, it smells of smoke and ash and even if they can't smell it I can. They call it pollution. In the wild there is no such thing. Humans are to blame, even if they don't see it. 
      They are noisy too and don't see how it hurts sensitive ears. What they call music is nothing compared to the wonderful howl of a wolf, the howl of a wolf after all is unquie and impossible to copy. Unlike those squawking annoyances broadcast upon the thing the humans call a radio. They all sound exactly the same and aren't even making their tuneless squawks for any apparent reason apart from to tell a female that they wish to be her mate or inform the world that they have seperated from their mate.
     When a wolf howls it is to ask where the rest of the pack is, to start a hunt, to tell of a victorious hunt or just for the fun of it. At least it sounds nice whatever the reason. 
      This is not to say I hate all music, the human have instruments and they sound beautiful. Especially the ones that sound like they are howling. Like the flute. The humans call the sound a whistle but whistle ing is nothing like the flute. A flute is almost a howl. It sounds pretty and I like it a lot. There is no substitute for a howl though.
       The tears in my eyes roll down my cheek as I recall the gorgeous sounds. I look over to Cerwyn and she apears to still be completly asleep to I let myself have a tiny little quiet howl. It's the first time in months and it feels so good. Everything about it does, the light pressure in my chest as I exhale, the vibration in my throat and mouth and just the sound was so comforting to hear. After so long as well I couldn't believe it. 
       The next thing I know Cerwyn is stood by me. "It's okay let it out." She whispers as she places her soft hand on my shoulder. Her skin on her hands and feet are much softer compared to mine. She's always worn shoes, until recently I hadn't, I still don't. I hate them. She also puts white cream smelly stuff on her hands called moisturiser. Such a human thing but she's been about them more than I, their traits are bound to rub off on her.
      Perhaps she is the lucky one as she has the best of both world, that of human and wolf.