Friday, 5 December 2014

Chapter 19

I woke the next day and realised that we had slept all day. I turned over but Cerwyn wasn't there. I panicked a little but then I saw Cerwyn in her own bed. She looked flat out asleep. Luna was sat next to her on the bed making sure she was alright.
         "I would of woke you two up earlier but you were so cute asleep and curled up together." Luna whispered so she wouldn't wake Cerwyn up.
         I just smiled still half asleep. 
         "You were fidgeting so much I had to move Cerwyn, Lu. She can't have to much presure on her back it could hurt her badly." Luna sounded serious.
         "I-I-I didn't hurt her bad, did I?" I was scared. I didn't want to hurt Cerwyn, she's my sister. I would do anything to are sure she's okay. Especially after what happened to her, I didn't even know about her before that and I don't rember anything before Terry, John and Bea.
      I feel so strange inside, almost like I've forgotten something I can't remember. But something so important that I must remember. The feeling was so terrifying that I couldn't stop it from consuming me.
         "You didn't hurt her much more than her laying on her back Lu, don't worry yourself." Luna got up and came and sat down next to me. She started to stroke my ears, scratching the back softly. It made my foot shake a little. Luna chuckled. "You always were so puppy like Lu." 
         I didn't like this comment so I turned over and ignored her. She tickled my back, it felt so heavenly but I wasn't going to let her know I was enjoying this. She just insulted me. She just called me a puppy. She might as well of called me a weak, utterly defensless, little ball of fur that can't even take care of it's self or hunt. I could bite her and prove a point but she means well.
         That's the thing about humans. They do very silly things but they always mean well. Half the time they don't even realise what they do.
         I squirmed a little under the bed covers, trying not to laugh. I turned over and told her to stop. But she couldn't understand me. I felt the fur on my back and realised I had shifted. I didn't care to much. Being a wolf felt right. The only problem is when I am people don't understand me. 
         I remembered what I forgot. The wolf pack. How could I forget them? The pups, the alphas howl, going out hunting, playing in the streams and their howls. Their beautiful howls. The way they pierced through the night like a thousand sharpened knives. And after a hunt the taste of fresh blood how it would roll down your chin in tiny beads, it felt so good and tasted fantastic.
         How I missed them. I needed them back.