Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Chapter 18

The next morning arrived swiftly. I woke up in the warm comfortable bed with Cerwyn sat don on the edge petting my hair.
      "Is you back better?"
      "It's okay Lu." Cerwyn yawned sleepily. Then she layed down be next to me wincing slightly in pain as she did.
       I hate to think that all this time my closest living relative went through all that. I wish we were never separated we've missed so much time together. A strange feeling spread through my chest and I almost cried. I turned over and hurried my face in the blankets. Cerwyn curled around me and softly stroked my exposed ear. I couldn't stop crying , I couldn't even remember the last time I had cried at all. 
      What was wrong with me? I am wolf, I don't cry. It is for the weak, wolves don't show weakness. But I couldn't stop, I was acting like a human, for the first time in forever. I had never been like this before why was I now? 
       Cerwyn stayed holding me just trying her hardest to calm me down but no matter what she did she couldn't. No matter what she did. I guess I had held everything back for so long that I couldn't no more.
        After a few minutes Luna came up stairs asking what was wrong but Cerwyn just growled at her to make her back away from us. I turned over and buried myself in the blankets and her chest. It was warm and comfy in the blankets and being so close to someone else reminded me of something but I couldn't think what. What ever it was though felt right.
       Maybe I had to let my human side exist no matter how much I denied it, it was there. I am wolf there is no mistaking that. But I was born to a world of humans that simply don't speak my language. They shall always be a mystery to me but I can learn to speak human. Since they will not learn to speak wolf, humans are the most stubborn of the species.