Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Chapter 17

Waiting downstairs hours past. Every so often a faint sickily sweet odour was detected by my nose. I guessed it was just my imagination however. 
    It was now early morning and a slither of golden light was starting to seep through the blinds. My eye lids were feeling heavy with tiredness. I couldn't fall asleep though, I was worried about Cerwyn. I smelt the sickily sweetness again, it was almost like blood, this time the smell was stronger and I could tell it was coming from upstairs. This time it was too strong too just be my imagination. 
        I wandered up the stairs the smell was much stronger up here. I knocked on the bedroom door. Luna opened it a crack. 
       "Lu, I was just about to call you."
       The smell of blood was stronger here. "What's happening?" 
       "I'm really sorry Lu but Cerwyn won't be able to walk to easy for a while."
        With that I came through the door and saw her layed down on her front . There were cuts on her back and pieces of glass that had been removed. Cerwyn looked at me "Lu I'm okay it's just a bit of blood." She must of known my panic.  I sat on my bed facing her stuck for words while Luna put tight bandages over Cerwyn's back in between the layers she place some ground herbs. "This is to aid the healing." Luna told me. 
     I must of fallen asleep because the next thing I knew was it was early evening. Luna was shaking me "Cerwyn is fine, but she is going to need a lot of rest. I'm glad you both came with me when you did she would have either died of an infection or of fright if it was left any longer." She paused and looked deeply into my I eyes. "You need some rest too." She kissed my forehead and stroked my hair back. "Goodnight" she gave me a hug and walked out the room after drawing the curtains. 
    I looked over to Cerwyn and smiled as I thought how a few months ago I didn't have a family only a pack now I have a sister and an auntie. Better still to know I'm not going to lose them again.