Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Chapter 16

I ran down the stairs to fetch Luna. It all became so clear to me, she must have been subjected to awful conditions whilst she was with Kenny and Clyde. Who ever they actually were. I had never met them for more than a couple of hours and after that I wouldn't want to meet them ever again. Just thinking of the possibilities of how it happened sent shudders up my spine.
     I came into the room where Luna was. "Luna, there's something wrong with Cerwyn."
     With that she took to the stairs at a rate of knots. I quickly followed after her to find she had already reached the Cerwyn and I's room. She ran her hand over the scars while I watched from the opposite bed. Occasionally she would stop and press down on some of the particularly large scars and judging from Cerwyns reaction this was rather painful.
      "Lupus" she finally said."go into the kitchen and fetch the cloth bag that's on the side." With that she went back to inspecting the scars. I went and got the bag she asked for.
       "Here you go." I said and passed to her.
        "Good girl go wait downstairs." 
        With that I did...