Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Chapter 15

We didn't talk to each other for the entire walk. My small ruck sack was starting to hurt my back from the small amount of weight but I was tired and each step felt like running a marathon. Soon I recognised where we were and in a few more steps I would be at the cottage and I could finally go to sleep after the long tiring day.
       The cottage was in sight, when Cerwyn spoke. "Lupus you sure this is what you want now?"
        "Of course I am Cerwyn." It was the only reply I could think of. I didn't really know what I wanted but I didn't want to make Cerwyn worried.
        She turned around to hug me. This was the first time she'd shown me any kind affection like this. Also the first time I had some treat me like this and I wanted. I reached around and held I didn't want this moment to end but soon it would. If only the hands of time would stick in play like and old grand father clock, but time oh time she is a cruel mistress and would soon take this away from me. Cerwyn was the first to break away. Luna had opened the door and called us.
        "Cerwyn, Lupus come on now!" She beckoned waving her hand at us in an inviting motion. She came down to the old wooden gate that was now stained green with moss. She undid the rusty iron latch and swung it open. Her little half moon glasses were positioned half way down her nose and her hair was scraped back into a fairly messy pony tail. As we walked and she took us up to the only other bedroom in her house she would wriggle her nose to put her glasses back up. I doubt they were even strong enough for her but she didn't seem to mind.
         Luna pushed the heavy wooden door open. It hinges creaked and Cerwyn jumped a bit in fear. I put my hand on her back trying to keep her calm. She seemed to relax but visibly she was still tense. Luna walked through and I pushed Cerwyn through after her . She started to shake slightly but I don't think Luna noticed. "I will leave you to it" she simply said and walked out presumably back downstairs.
         "Cerwyn a-a-are you okay?" I asked "Cerwyn?" I persisted. Still no reply. My mind cast back to earlier. Not wanting to worry Luna I shut the door. Should keep the sound out I thought. Next I picked Cerwyn up and laid her down upon the bed furthest away from the doori padded her up her up with blankets and pillows which were in there. That's when it happened she start to shake all over, unearthly tremors ran up and down her spine and tears welled up in her eyes. Her arms and legs started to kick and punch the air wildly and I had no idea what was happening. " Cerwyn, it's me." I whispered gently in her ear. Her arms and legs calmed. "Whatever's  wrong your safe now." I continued. Her crying ceased. I got hold of her hand and held it close to me. "It's safe, your at auntie Luna's cottage."I paused. "No ones going to hurt you." She seemed okay but looked as pail as a ghost.
            "L-l-Lu?" She stuttered. "Is it you?" 
            "Yeah it's me." I reassured her. Then it struck me. "Cerwyn, this is going to sound really strange and pretty creepy but get up, turn around and lift up your shirt." 
            "Lupus, why?" But she got up and did it anyway.
            Nothing, nothing at all could have prepared me for the sight that met me. Many lines, more than I could take in of deep red and purple scares cross hatched her her back and dark black brusing made her original skin tone impossible to tell. "What did they do to you Cerwyn?"...