Saturday, 18 January 2014

Chapter 14

 I sat down next to her. "Cerwyn" I whimpered "Please stop, your really scaring me."
    "Please, no, don't hurt me!" She screamed.
    Starting to panic I heard two people running, twigs snapped and the blanket of leaves covering the mid October forest crunched. Through the clearing Rosetta and Terry appeared.
    "Lu, what's happened here?" Terry asked, a look of shock fell across her face. Rosetta tried to put her arm around Cerwyn but she just brushed her away.
     We all looked at each other wandering what to do. "This has happened before." I mentioned as I recalled that morning. Then it struck me. What if all this has been caused my me leaving her? "I'm not leaving you Cerwyn." I whispered into her ear. It worked her shivering ceased and her crying eased down to soft sobs.
      "Your not?" She said in a hoarse voice. "What about Luna?"
       I thought about this deeply, should I go or stay? "Come with me." I finally replied. The truck pulled up and Bea jumped out closely followed John. Cerwyns eyes turned to a similar shade to mine when Bea tried approach.
       "Stay back!" Cerwyn barked. Bea stopped dead in her tracks, Terry also backed off. Cerwyn's eyes turned back to her normal deep mahogany. 
        My arms started to tingle all over, then the feeling started to centre on the back of my shoulders after about a minute or so it stopped and everything was normal again, only there seemed to be a slight weight on my back. I looked around but there wasn't anything there. I put my arms around Cerwyn.
      "Well, made light work of hunting, didn't you girls" John chuckled in his normal light hearted way, I will almost miss him. you could send him into the most awful of places and he would still make light of the situation.
        I will also miss Bea, I guess, she never seemed to care but she was always there when it mattered. Then there was Terry, the one taught me to fish and to speak human, so I guess I will miss them all in their own way. How ever I must go with Luna, she is family.
       I decide at this the course of action. "John, I don't want an overly long goodbye. I want to leave now."
      "Are you sure?" John questioned.
       The was only one true answer. "Yes."
      Cerwyn got to her feet, walked to the tent, undid the zip, went in the tent. After a few minutes she came back out with our two back packs. She chucked mine to me and shouldered hers, I did the same.
     I stopped to say goodbye to the people who took me into their home for the past eight months, I came to Terry and she threw her arms around me in a warm embrace. She put a piece of paper in my hand. "Remember to write" she cried, tears fell down her face.
       "I will." I backed off "Good bye" I said once last time and walked into the distance after Cerwyn.