Friday, 5 December 2014

Chapter 19

I woke the next day and realised that we had slept all day. I turned over but Cerwyn wasn't there. I panicked a little but then I saw Cerwyn in her own bed. She looked flat out asleep. Luna was sat next to her on the bed making sure she was alright.
         "I would of woke you two up earlier but you were so cute asleep and curled up together." Luna whispered so she wouldn't wake Cerwyn up.
         I just smiled still half asleep. 
         "You were fidgeting so much I had to move Cerwyn, Lu. She can't have to much presure on her back it could hurt her badly." Luna sounded serious.
         "I-I-I didn't hurt her bad, did I?" I was scared. I didn't want to hurt Cerwyn, she's my sister. I would do anything to are sure she's okay. Especially after what happened to her, I didn't even know about her before that and I don't rember anything before Terry, John and Bea.
      I feel so strange inside, almost like I've forgotten something I can't remember. But something so important that I must remember. The feeling was so terrifying that I couldn't stop it from consuming me.
         "You didn't hurt her much more than her laying on her back Lu, don't worry yourself." Luna got up and came and sat down next to me. She started to stroke my ears, scratching the back softly. It made my foot shake a little. Luna chuckled. "You always were so puppy like Lu." 
         I didn't like this comment so I turned over and ignored her. She tickled my back, it felt so heavenly but I wasn't going to let her know I was enjoying this. She just insulted me. She just called me a puppy. She might as well of called me a weak, utterly defensless, little ball of fur that can't even take care of it's self or hunt. I could bite her and prove a point but she means well.
         That's the thing about humans. They do very silly things but they always mean well. Half the time they don't even realise what they do.
         I squirmed a little under the bed covers, trying not to laugh. I turned over and told her to stop. But she couldn't understand me. I felt the fur on my back and realised I had shifted. I didn't care to much. Being a wolf felt right. The only problem is when I am people don't understand me. 
         I remembered what I forgot. The wolf pack. How could I forget them? The pups, the alphas howl, going out hunting, playing in the streams and their howls. Their beautiful howls. The way they pierced through the night like a thousand sharpened knives. And after a hunt the taste of fresh blood how it would roll down your chin in tiny beads, it felt so good and tasted fantastic.
         How I missed them. I needed them back.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Chapter 18

The next morning arrived swiftly. I woke up in the warm comfortable bed with Cerwyn sat don on the edge petting my hair.
      "Is you back better?"
      "It's okay Lu." Cerwyn yawned sleepily. Then she layed down be next to me wincing slightly in pain as she did.
       I hate to think that all this time my closest living relative went through all that. I wish we were never separated we've missed so much time together. A strange feeling spread through my chest and I almost cried. I turned over and hurried my face in the blankets. Cerwyn curled around me and softly stroked my exposed ear. I couldn't stop crying , I couldn't even remember the last time I had cried at all. 
      What was wrong with me? I am wolf, I don't cry. It is for the weak, wolves don't show weakness. But I couldn't stop, I was acting like a human, for the first time in forever. I had never been like this before why was I now? 
       Cerwyn stayed holding me just trying her hardest to calm me down but no matter what she did she couldn't. No matter what she did. I guess I had held everything back for so long that I couldn't no more.
        After a few minutes Luna came up stairs asking what was wrong but Cerwyn just growled at her to make her back away from us. I turned over and buried myself in the blankets and her chest. It was warm and comfy in the blankets and being so close to someone else reminded me of something but I couldn't think what. What ever it was though felt right.
       Maybe I had to let my human side exist no matter how much I denied it, it was there. I am wolf there is no mistaking that. But I was born to a world of humans that simply don't speak my language. They shall always be a mystery to me but I can learn to speak human. Since they will not learn to speak wolf, humans are the most stubborn of the species.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Chapter 17

Waiting downstairs hours past. Every so often a faint sickily sweet odour was detected by my nose. I guessed it was just my imagination however. 
    It was now early morning and a slither of golden light was starting to seep through the blinds. My eye lids were feeling heavy with tiredness. I couldn't fall asleep though, I was worried about Cerwyn. I smelt the sickily sweetness again, it was almost like blood, this time the smell was stronger and I could tell it was coming from upstairs. This time it was too strong too just be my imagination. 
        I wandered up the stairs the smell was much stronger up here. I knocked on the bedroom door. Luna opened it a crack. 
       "Lu, I was just about to call you."
       The smell of blood was stronger here. "What's happening?" 
       "I'm really sorry Lu but Cerwyn won't be able to walk to easy for a while."
        With that I came through the door and saw her layed down on her front . There were cuts on her back and pieces of glass that had been removed. Cerwyn looked at me "Lu I'm okay it's just a bit of blood." She must of known my panic.  I sat on my bed facing her stuck for words while Luna put tight bandages over Cerwyn's back in between the layers she place some ground herbs. "This is to aid the healing." Luna told me. 
     I must of fallen asleep because the next thing I knew was it was early evening. Luna was shaking me "Cerwyn is fine, but she is going to need a lot of rest. I'm glad you both came with me when you did she would have either died of an infection or of fright if it was left any longer." She paused and looked deeply into my I eyes. "You need some rest too." She kissed my forehead and stroked my hair back. "Goodnight" she gave me a hug and walked out the room after drawing the curtains. 
    I looked over to Cerwyn and smiled as I thought how a few months ago I didn't have a family only a pack now I have a sister and an auntie. Better still to know I'm not going to lose them again.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Chapter 16

I ran down the stairs to fetch Luna. It all became so clear to me, she must have been subjected to awful conditions whilst she was with Kenny and Clyde. Who ever they actually were. I had never met them for more than a couple of hours and after that I wouldn't want to meet them ever again. Just thinking of the possibilities of how it happened sent shudders up my spine.
     I came into the room where Luna was. "Luna, there's something wrong with Cerwyn."
     With that she took to the stairs at a rate of knots. I quickly followed after her to find she had already reached the Cerwyn and I's room. She ran her hand over the scars while I watched from the opposite bed. Occasionally she would stop and press down on some of the particularly large scars and judging from Cerwyns reaction this was rather painful.
      "Lupus" she finally said."go into the kitchen and fetch the cloth bag that's on the side." With that she went back to inspecting the scars. I went and got the bag she asked for.
       "Here you go." I said and passed to her.
        "Good girl go wait downstairs." 
        With that I did... 

Chapter 15

We didn't talk to each other for the entire walk. My small ruck sack was starting to hurt my back from the small amount of weight but I was tired and each step felt like running a marathon. Soon I recognised where we were and in a few more steps I would be at the cottage and I could finally go to sleep after the long tiring day.
       The cottage was in sight, when Cerwyn spoke. "Lupus you sure this is what you want now?"
        "Of course I am Cerwyn." It was the only reply I could think of. I didn't really know what I wanted but I didn't want to make Cerwyn worried.
        She turned around to hug me. This was the first time she'd shown me any kind affection like this. Also the first time I had some treat me like this and I wanted. I reached around and held I didn't want this moment to end but soon it would. If only the hands of time would stick in play like and old grand father clock, but time oh time she is a cruel mistress and would soon take this away from me. Cerwyn was the first to break away. Luna had opened the door and called us.
        "Cerwyn, Lupus come on now!" She beckoned waving her hand at us in an inviting motion. She came down to the old wooden gate that was now stained green with moss. She undid the rusty iron latch and swung it open. Her little half moon glasses were positioned half way down her nose and her hair was scraped back into a fairly messy pony tail. As we walked and she took us up to the only other bedroom in her house she would wriggle her nose to put her glasses back up. I doubt they were even strong enough for her but she didn't seem to mind.
         Luna pushed the heavy wooden door open. It hinges creaked and Cerwyn jumped a bit in fear. I put my hand on her back trying to keep her calm. She seemed to relax but visibly she was still tense. Luna walked through and I pushed Cerwyn through after her . She started to shake slightly but I don't think Luna noticed. "I will leave you to it" she simply said and walked out presumably back downstairs.
         "Cerwyn a-a-are you okay?" I asked "Cerwyn?" I persisted. Still no reply. My mind cast back to earlier. Not wanting to worry Luna I shut the door. Should keep the sound out I thought. Next I picked Cerwyn up and laid her down upon the bed furthest away from the doori padded her up her up with blankets and pillows which were in there. That's when it happened she start to shake all over, unearthly tremors ran up and down her spine and tears welled up in her eyes. Her arms and legs started to kick and punch the air wildly and I had no idea what was happening. " Cerwyn, it's me." I whispered gently in her ear. Her arms and legs calmed. "Whatever's  wrong your safe now." I continued. Her crying ceased. I got hold of her hand and held it close to me. "It's safe, your at auntie Luna's cottage."I paused. "No ones going to hurt you." She seemed okay but looked as pail as a ghost.
            "L-l-Lu?" She stuttered. "Is it you?" 
            "Yeah it's me." I reassured her. Then it struck me. "Cerwyn, this is going to sound really strange and pretty creepy but get up, turn around and lift up your shirt." 
            "Lupus, why?" But she got up and did it anyway.
            Nothing, nothing at all could have prepared me for the sight that met me. Many lines, more than I could take in of deep red and purple scares cross hatched her her back and dark black brusing made her original skin tone impossible to tell. "What did they do to you Cerwyn?"...


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Chapter 14

 I sat down next to her. "Cerwyn" I whimpered "Please stop, your really scaring me."
    "Please, no, don't hurt me!" She screamed.
    Starting to panic I heard two people running, twigs snapped and the blanket of leaves covering the mid October forest crunched. Through the clearing Rosetta and Terry appeared.
    "Lu, what's happened here?" Terry asked, a look of shock fell across her face. Rosetta tried to put her arm around Cerwyn but she just brushed her away.
     We all looked at each other wandering what to do. "This has happened before." I mentioned as I recalled that morning. Then it struck me. What if all this has been caused my me leaving her? "I'm not leaving you Cerwyn." I whispered into her ear. It worked her shivering ceased and her crying eased down to soft sobs.
      "Your not?" She said in a hoarse voice. "What about Luna?"
       I thought about this deeply, should I go or stay? "Come with me." I finally replied. The truck pulled up and Bea jumped out closely followed John. Cerwyns eyes turned to a similar shade to mine when Bea tried approach.
       "Stay back!" Cerwyn barked. Bea stopped dead in her tracks, Terry also backed off. Cerwyn's eyes turned back to her normal deep mahogany. 
        My arms started to tingle all over, then the feeling started to centre on the back of my shoulders after about a minute or so it stopped and everything was normal again, only there seemed to be a slight weight on my back. I looked around but there wasn't anything there. I put my arms around Cerwyn.
      "Well, made light work of hunting, didn't you girls" John chuckled in his normal light hearted way, I will almost miss him. you could send him into the most awful of places and he would still make light of the situation.
        I will also miss Bea, I guess, she never seemed to care but she was always there when it mattered. Then there was Terry, the one taught me to fish and to speak human, so I guess I will miss them all in their own way. How ever I must go with Luna, she is family.
       I decide at this the course of action. "John, I don't want an overly long goodbye. I want to leave now."
      "Are you sure?" John questioned.
       The was only one true answer. "Yes."
      Cerwyn got to her feet, walked to the tent, undid the zip, went in the tent. After a few minutes she came back out with our two back packs. She chucked mine to me and shouldered hers, I did the same.
     I stopped to say goodbye to the people who took me into their home for the past eight months, I came to Terry and she threw her arms around me in a warm embrace. She put a piece of paper in my hand. "Remember to write" she cried, tears fell down her face.
       "I will." I backed off "Good bye" I said once last time and walked into the distance after Cerwyn.