Sunday, 8 December 2013

Chapter 13

The choice then was easy to make. I may know the people who I live with better than Luna but she knows me better than them. I had my clothes and the book Terry gave me so I was all set to go, But what about Cerwyn and Rossetta, Cerwyn could come with me but Rossetta would then be alone and she would panic.
     I knew I had to leave so I went into the tent and picked up my tie-dyed ruck sack, I packed my things into it. I then went out again to the van. "Luna, I will walk myself to yours tonight." I said softly. She simply nodded in reply then drove off.
    John put his strong muscular arms around me "So this is where we are going to last see you then." He whispered into my ear.
    "Who knows" I replied.
    John stood up to his full height, clapped his hands together and declared "Well in case it is then we must have a barbique." the smile grew across his face. "Right Cerwyn, Lupus your on hunting duty, get something nice to cook. Terry, Rossetta get some wood for the fire. Bea get in the truck we'll get some buns, burgers and something to drink."
    Cerwyn ran off into the woods and I followed. We quikly split up but kept with in site of each other, for me it seemed the most natural thing in the world but I don't  know how Cerwyn knew what to do. We soon came across a dear and with out thinking about it I threw myself at it. I saw my hands had morphed into paws in front of me and I realise I had yet again shifted. I was on top of the daer and I got a firm hold on its neck, for about five minutes it strugled feircly then all of a sudden I felt it go limp in my jaws.
     Cerwyn came forward and gave me a good scratch behind the ear. "Well done Lu." she paused "Now will you help me drag it back."
      I barked eagerly and started pulling at one of the rear legs. The sweet fresh blood poured out into my mouth. It was still a five mile haul back to the camp.
      We reached the camp, no one was there yet so Cerwyn went and fetched a knife to skin and gut the deer. I watched her make short work of the mamoth task. As a wathed I felt my self morph back into my human form. "Lupin." cerwyn said as she removed the skin with expert skill "Go fetch us a bucket of water."
      I grabbed the bucket and wandered down to the stream contemplating where she could of learnt to do that. I fill the large bucket up and lug it back to camp. I get there to find the pelt perfectly laid out and the different cuts of meat already seperated. Next to this was Cerwyn curled up in a ball shivering all over and crying.