Friday, 29 November 2013

Chapter 12

Luna led us through to her kitchen, pots, pans and little bottles were all over the work surface.
     "Right you two like you need a cup of tea." She declared.
     "Luna, you are so right." Cerwyn replied taking a seat.
     Cerwyn looked absolutely shattered as she sat down at the wooden table playing with a piece of cotton. I start to think about the flash back she had earlier, the amount of fear I could feel coming off of her scared me. All I can think of is what if it happens again, will she get through it? What happened to make her go like that?
     The kettle boiled and Luna set down two mugs containing the shiny brown, hot liquid. I try to drink it but I burn my tongue, but I carry on because I like the taste of it.
     "John doesn't let Lupin drink tea." mentioned Cerwyn.
     "Well that explains a lot then." Chuckled Luna.
      I carry on lapping away at the tea when a sharp knock rattles the door. Luna goes to answer it. She comes back carrying a  package wrapped in brown paper and bound with string and places it down on the table. She unwraps it delicately with her long fingers, first pulling off the string then the paper. Inside was a leather bound book.
      "That reminds me." She declared "I got you something for your birthday." With that she left the room to go up stairs. A short time later she returns with a wooden box. On top an interweaving knot design has been carved, almost burnt into the wood. I open it to find a just as exquisite necklace. A wolf, head thrown back in full howl."It was your mothers, it has been passed down for sixteen generations even through the witch burnings of the seventeenth century and now to you."
         I feel a spark of pride run through me so I remove it from the soft, worn leather and place it around my neck. At the same time I feel a tingly feeling run through my veins somewhere near me  I hear Cerwyn gasp.
I look toward a mirror and and notice the unearthly shade of amber my eyes have turned, I quite like it.
      "Each generation of our family has had its shifter, the one who has been able to shift to the wolf like yourself." Luna continues.
       Outside rain beats down heavily on the window. Cerwyn suggests we start heading back as Rossetta would be getting scared. So Luna Grabs the keys to her camper van. Me and Cerwyn clamber in the back and she drives off. A whole five minutes pass in silence until we arrive at the camp and we Jump back out again.
       I walk around to the drivers side to say good by to see tear streaming down Luna's face. I open the door and wrap my arms around her. Into my ear she whispers "Don't leave me."

Friday, 15 November 2013

Chapter 11

The storm carried on long into the next day, Cerwyn took Rosetta out to the truck to get some rest because loud sounds make her nervous so I got the bed to myself. As I lied down I started to debate all the things that happened since I arrived in Scotland, everything from getting here to the arrival of Rosetta.
     The storm starts to get worse so I wander out to the truck to be honest I don't like lightning, one of the pups with the pack was struck by lightning. Storms just remind me of what happened that fateful day. I get into the truck and curl up on my normal seat. Rosetta strokes one of my ears softly.
     "She's just like you said she was Cer, I wish I knew who my family was." Rosetta mumbled
     "I know, you've got us now."Cerwyn replied
     I start to chew on Cerwyns thumb. "Hey you" she chuckles "you never did change much."
     "Why was I left with the wolves?" I ask.
     "Luna had no choice, when you were younger there was almost nothing human other than your looks about you. It came to her in a dream to leave you with the wolves so she did because she knew one day you would come back to her." Cerwyn answered
     "Whose Luna?"
     "Our auntie."   
     "Is she still alive?" I ask hopefully.
     "Yes, I'm still in contact with her."
     "Really, Could we visit her sometime?"I begin to get exited, my tail and ears pick up.
     "Actually she has been asking to meet you and she only live down the road from here" she pauses "Come on lets ask John" she says
     "What now? would you come with me?"
     "Of course I would."
     We all climb down out of the truck to go find him. We go down in to the woods and wander around for a while until we come across him. He was sat alone with his knife carving into a peice of wood.
     "John, I'm going to take Lupus to see Luna today, are you alright with that."
     "Well your going to do it any way." He sighs.
     "True." Cerwyn replies. "Come on Lu'." She started walking and I followed. We didn't talk to each other for quite some time. I look over to her because she had stopped one of her ears were twitching, she appeared to be completely in her own little world.
     "Cer." she doesn't reply "Cerwyn, are you okay?" I start to worry
     "Don't hurt me." she whispered whilst cowering on the ground. I run forward. "Please don't hurt me, Clyde" she she shakes as I hold her.
     "It's not Clyde, It's Lupus, your sister. Please stop Cerwyn, your really scaring me now." Her screams calm down to gentle sobs.
      "Lu." She stutters.
      "Yes don't worry it's me" I pause "Are you ok?"
      "I think I'll be fine once I get to Luna's" I help her to her feet and we set off again. Soon we come to a small cottage, the outside has been well maintained: the walls have honeysuckle creeping up, vines intertwine with the fence posts and pansies bob there glowing head in the late September sun.
     Cerwyn walks up to the front door and beckons me towards her. She knocks on the door using the brass door knocker shaped  like a lions head. A young woman steps out about in mid-thirties, "Cerwyn is that you?" she ask while putting on her glasses that were hanging around her neck. "Cerwyn It is you and You must be Lupus! It is amazing to see you both again, well little Lu haven't you grown.Why don't you both come in?"
     She ushers us into the cottage, I stand and look at her, she looks like an older, shorter version of me with out the tail or ears. Her long goldenhair brushes her shoulders and is held back in a scruffy pony tail. She quickly and firmly shut the door behind us.