Sunday, 13 October 2013

Chapter 10

I still find living with humans weird, since all my life I've lived with wolves.
    "I rember when you were a little kid Lu, you were a funny little thing, You had a great imagination, always coming up with little games and your favorite toy was a little teddy bear."
     For a second I tried to work out who it was befor relising it was Cerwyn. "How old was I when I was left with the wolves?"
    "You were three"
    I hear a branch crack near by and Terry wakes up startled. Cerwyn looks around untill a shadow figure emerges from the darkness.
   "Hello whose there?" I call out. A young girl comes forth.
   "Hello Cerwyn" Rossetta says.
    I look at her quite small, bright red hair and eyes as green as the freshly sprung grass in spring.
    "Well you know me, this is my sister Lupus and this is our friend Terry." Cerwyn said.
    "You two know each other?" I ask
    "Kenny and Clyde abboned me here Cerwyn and said they were after after you so I guessed you were in the area, Ive been looking for you to warn you all day"
     "We know they came after us earlier, Kennies dead he was shot."Cerwyn replied
     "Good" Rossetta said
     "They're the ones that kiddnapped me and Terry." I whimpered.
   Terry starts to become more and more fearfull by the seccond, "We have to get back to the camp now" she declares as she wraps her hand around me.
    They start walking in the direction of the camp before Cerwyn turns around."Come on Lupus"
     "I'm not going" I reply.
     "Lupus, John probly had a good reason for shooting that wolf."Cerwyn Shouted.
     "He didn't"Terry joined in.
     We all go silent, yet anouther branch cracks in the distence and from the darkness John appears.
     "Okay girls its time to come back to camp now."John said
    we all start to folow but I keep muttering comments of protest to the situation. Rossetta stays close to my side unsure of what to make of what was happening. I begin to ask myself why didn't Cerwyn tell me about Rossetta.
     We get to the tent, the scene hasn't changed much from earlier the corpses however have been disposed of. the blood still covers the ground and its sweet smell still lingers in the air.
     I enter the tent and curl up on the bed Cerwyn and Terry also come in but Rosetta doesn't Terry calls to her but she just shakes her head and refuses.
     "Come on Rosser, just get in here." Cerwyn shouts. after that she comes in. Cerwyn budges up next to me to make room for her in the bed. Rossetta hesitates but gets in, I didn't mind to much because it was nice and warm.
     Everyone was asleep but not for long since a storm rolled in Rossetta started to shake all over which woke Cerwyn up. "Shhh calm down, its okay no one is going to hurt you here" Cerwyn muttered.
     "What are talking about?" I asked as I Turned over.
     "I'll explain in the morning Lu, just try and get some sleep now."

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Chapter 9

It was Horrible fur and blood everywhere, a beautiful wolf lay on the ground strugling for each and every breath. John held a gun I looked across from him and the same man who had trapped me, now
he laid on the ground, dead.
     "Good."I thought aloud "He had it comng to him"
     I walked over to the wolf and tuched its neck then every hit me at once, his final moment on earth. the man hadn't shot him John had.
      "You monster" I cried as I ran away.
      Cerwyn ran after me Terry closly. I ran for as far as I could and as fast as I could. I became tired and hungry soon. Nothing to hunt but there was a blackberry bush. I tried one, the sweet flavour exploded on my tounge and I liked it.
     In the distense I could hear Cerwyn at first she was almost impossible to hear but slowly she got louder and louder until she was stood right above me. Soon a very out of breath Terry stood by me too.
       "Why?" I  quetioned.
       "Its okay Lupus"Cerwyn said as she wrapped her arm around me .
       "Cerwyn I'm scared"
       "Why are you scared?"
       "I could see the wolf last moments evrything it was like I was there."
       "That I can understand must be absolutly terrifying"
       "It was but it wasn't just that I could feel evrything as well even the bullet that ended it all."then the moment played over in my mind again and agian. Every time was just as painfull as the last.
       In the end my need to eat took over.
       "Do either of you have anything to eat."
       "Yeah here you go." Replied Terry as she passed me a peice of bread.
       Its starting to get dark. I don't like the dark since I was kidnapped that day. The cabin was so dark and I haven't been able to be in the dark alone since.
      "It's getting dark, we should go back to camp." Cerwyn announced.
      "No I'm not back there"I said
      "Lupus, it's getting dark" Terry said in a questioning tone.
       "Lupus" Cerwyn joined in "You hate being alone in the dark."
      "If you stay with me I won't be alone." With that I lied down, a few seconds later Cerwyn and Terry both lied down with me.