Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Chapter 8

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to a beautiful scene- a deer rose his majestic antlers, the morning dew atop the spring grass glistened in the sunlight whilst the darling buds of may bobbed up and down on the branch  of the tree on which they were growing and birds sung the gloriouse song to the universe.
     Cerwyn apeared through the trees carrying arm fulls of wood.
     "Morning Lupus!" She called
     "And what a wonderfull morning it is to" I responded
     I climbed out the truck and wandered over to join her when she stopped outside of a tent that at first I hadn't noticed.
      "Are the others in there?"I asked.
      "Yeah" shouted John from inside the tent.
      "Come on in Lupus"called Terry.
      I walked in to see them in three seperate air beds and one empty double one.
       "I thought you and Cerwyn could share one between you" John said cheerfully "I just left you in the car last night because you were already asleep and I didn't want to wake you up." he continued.
       I crawled into the bed and called from somewhere underneath the bed sheets "And I'm going back to sleep now"
      "Oh no your not sis" growled Cerwyn "Your helping me start a fire outside"
     "In a bit" I replied
      "No now!" and with the tone she used I didn't bother argueing.
      Outside Cerwyn started to build a base for the fire. "Is There meant to be that much smoke" I choked.
       "Yes, don't worry about it" she replied whilst one of her ears twitched.
        "Do you know where we are?" I questioned
        "Where in Scotland though"
        "Dunno Around Loch Lomond"
       She chucked a log on the fire and it caught fire almost instantly. We both went silent for quite sometime.
        "The day you changed" Cerwyn broke the silence."How did it feel?"
        "What do you mean?"
        " Well did it feel any different to normal or not?"
        "A little at first I didn't notice untill I launched myself  at that guy." I paused "To bad I missed his throat."
        "He wasn't that bad Lupus."
        "Says you" 
       It went silent for a little while. Then Cerwyn playfully swated me, I tapped her hand so she batted my ear I flicked it foward and she ran off. I followed in close persuit Into the dark woods, for a while she easily out paced me but after about five miniuts I caught up with her. We rolled around in the mud for a little while before walking back to the camp.
       "Lupus, Run" Terry screamed
       Cerwyn ran saw a truck and ran in the other direction I lokked at the truck and realised it was the one that me and Terries kidnappers had used. In a blind panick I took of after Cerwyn hoping to catch up.
       I saw a bush move so I aproached it, I saw it was Cerwyn and I my panick ceased she pulled me down into the bush and wraped her arms around me "I'm never going back Lupus." she whimpered.
      "You don't have to and if you do I'll go to."
      "But Lupus they will kill you."
      "Somehow I know that."I stop for a second "What about you."
      "I'm not going back with him." she snapped.
      "Okay, who bit your tail." I replied.
      "Cerwyn, what was he like to live with?"
      "He was an absolute pain in the neck"
      "Lupus, Cerwyn come on he's gone now and my dad wants you back at camp"Terry shouted.
      We walked out of the bush and scared her half to death."come quick It's an emergency" we started running as fast as we could.
      What a sight greeted us at the camp and I started to wonder if this was some horribly disturbed dream , but it wasn't. The blood was real, the scatering of bullets was real and so were sceams of pain. They weren't human but those of a wolf.