Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Chapter 7

    "Happy birthday Lupus!" Terry and Cerwyn practically sang as they walked over to my bed.
    "Huh what's going on?"  I mumbled back from somewhere from underneath my bed covers.
    "It's your birthday."
    " My what?" I reply. I take a few seconds then say "Oh my birthday right!"
    They take out a small package then pass it to me.
    "I have been making you this since you got here" Terry says to me.
    I open it to find a small but thick leather bound book; out of curiosity I open it to discover pencil drawings and photographs of places we have been and things that we have done, I turn the soft cream pages to discover more. Everything was there from the four leaf clover I found in the back garden to line drawings of the hut in which we were taken to after being kidnapped. I sit and trace the intriciut lines of the drawings delicately with my finger.
      I turn the page yet again to find a picture of Bronwynn, the young white wolf pup I found in the woods. To this very day I still find it strange that she was in the woods on her own it is, almost,as if she found me.
      I was extremely sad when Bea said we had to hand her on to a wildlife park as the chances are I will never see her again but I am also ever so happy for because she is back where she truly belongs now, although the same can not be said for me. Ever since the day that I changed a strange yearning for what I can not have has built inside of me, the want of to be wild and free once more instead of confined by the harsh rule of society.
     That is when Terries voice brings me back to reality. " Okay then I'll see you down stairs in half an hour then" and then leaving the room with Cerwyn closely on her tail. It feels very weird saying that phrase if you have a tail.
     I get up and walk toward a chest of draws in the corner and get out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I walk to  the stair case at the back of my room and wander down to the kitchen.
     Bea had already put out my breakfast, a sausage, bacon and egg fry up, simple but just what I  needed.
     " Better hurry up we're going out later" John called  from the basement "best you put a jumper or something on and get a longer pair of trousers while your at it" he  added.
      I quickly ate my breakfast and ran back up the stairs to get changing . while getting changed I tried  to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, with very little luck.
      Once I'd finished I ran back down the stairs missing out most of them out as I went. John was just going out of the door "in the truck" he shouted back to me. I walked closely behind him.
      I pulled myself up onto to the back seat noting that the boot was completely loaded up.
      "Have you three in the back got your seat belts on?" Asked Bea
      "Yes!" We all chimed in together.
       Everyone has been acting weird around me ever since I changed that day. It's as if they are scared. Yet to me it felt so natural in fact at first I didn't even notice what had happened at first. The only one who has been acting normally around me is Cerwyn mind you I don't know what she was like before that day.
      We've been travelling for hours and I am so hungry and tired  I could sleep on a galloping hedgehog whilst eating a horse.