Monday, 24 June 2013

Chapter 6

It was early morning and my room was bathed in a unearthly glow . A high pitched whining broke through the darkness. I realise it must be Cerwyn I leave it for a little while but it just carries on.
"Are you alright" I whisper across the dark abyss of my room.
It all goes quiet then I here her mumble"hmm umh" I walk over to her -turning the light on on the way over- I pull back her bed cover and becomes apparent that she had been crying.
"Whats wrong?"
" Not much what about you"
" Cerwyn I can see you've been crying" I pause " I could here you crying from across the room."
" I miss our mother"
I ponder over this until I realise she said "Our mother"
"What do you mean our mother?"
"You know your my sister, right?"
I walk back to my bed turning off the light as I go but do not sleep. The darkness drags on and on and the fire starts to build up inside of me. Cerwyns word repeat over in my head like a CD stuck on repeat.
I walk down the stairs to find that my allegged sister is already down in the kitchen I wait by the door because I hear them Talking.
"So you told her then."Jhon whispered
"Yes. but I don't know how she's taken it"
Suddenly I can't take it any longer and I just walk in. "You know what I'm taking it pretty well and by the way, I don't like being talked about behind my back."
"Oh hey Lupus well I guess it's great you don't mind"
"lets just put it this way after you find out your mother was murdered not much is going to bother you at least knowing you've got a living relative isn't going to bother you."

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Chapter 5

Bronwynn, the pup gets up to stretch her little legs just to turn back around  and sit back down only now on my lap. Her gaze wanders up to meet mine. No matter how hard I try I find nearly impossibe to bring myself away from her hypnotic hazel eyes with just a slight smokey tinge that wavered in the light like a candle flame in the warm breeze of a summerday.
     I just stare out into the distance going half mad with an itch which can not be scratched welling up inside like some fire but instead of dieing down it builds up and no matter what I do it just carries on with unrelinquishing thirst of which can not be quenched.
     Terry walks into my bedroom her arm still rendered almost unuseable by the cut that had torn her mucsle Bea said that it might get better eventualy but it will take some time.
     "Lupus don't panic or any thing but go down to the basement; take your blanket and pillow."
     " Whats going on?"
      "Just get your blanket get down there. Now!"
I begin to worry whats going on so I do exactly what was said to do and then run down there as fast as I can. There is a stair case at the back of my room which I go down for maximum speed.
     Terry is already down there crouched in a corner behind a box.
      "Hey whats all thi..."
       "Shhh" she whispered "get down here."
     I didn't say anything further but I hear voices upstairs so I tell Terry-the great thing about being half wolf is I can hear things that others can't-theres sounds like some kind of strugle and shouting then the door to the basement is thrown open.
     "There" shouts one of them "the wolf girl."
Then I recognise the voice its the younger of the two guys that kidnapped us but the other is a young girl she can not be older than me.
     "This is for running away" he snarls at me whilst drawing a gun from his leather belt.
      I stand up and walk back and forth like the wolves used to when seeing off an atacker. Than all of a sudden I throw myself at the man the girl backs away. I snap at his leg and flesh comes away in my mouth.
      I turn back around to clean the fur on my back. wait fur? that shouldn't be there and last time I checked I didn't have paws either.
      Then it hits me I have turned into a wolf . Before I have any time to think the man gets up and runs leaving the kid behind. She pauses than takes off her hat to expose a pair of golden brown ears shortly followed  by a tail behind her.
       I get up and realise I've shifted back. We stand and stair at each other.
      "Thank you" she says eventually "It was terrible living with him."
        Bea sends us to my room to go to bed also said that she can stay.