Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Chapter 4

I woke up in absolute terror the faces of the men that kidnapped Terry keep appearing in my dreams; the older of the two has a scar running across his left eye, keeping it shut and forcing his face into a constant scowl. The other a young tall boy with broad shoulders and long tasselled brown hair covering the right side of his face but exposing one piercing blue eye as cold as ice and as fixating as the strange waltz between snowflakes as they float softly to the ground in the icy, unforgiving winter months of the ice ridden, barren plains of the Arctic.
      Terries still asleep so cosy in her little world her brows light and care free and a small smile creeps upon her face.
       John stays awake outside the truck wielding the small hand gun which took Bea's place on the front seat of the truck. I get up; open the door, slowly get out the truck and perch down next to John.
      I turn my head in response to this.
      "Lupus I..." he pauses as if looking for the words inside "Lupus I knew you mother"
      I sit there stunned unable to comprehend what had just been said. In the past two months I had been with them he knew who I was the whole time and yet he had left me who the hell I am.
      "what was she like?"
     " when I knew her, she was young. She was very tall but hardly noticeable she would spend a lot of time alone." He stopped for a second as if recalling something.
      "Lupus the only reason your not with her now was..." trailing off thinking "was because she was murdered"
        I get up and walk off John tries to call me back but does not follow. My legs keep dragging me along, pulling me deeper into the woods. Eventually I see a tree up a head so I jump and grab the first branch and haul my self up and begin to think to myself ,"if he knew who I was why wasn't I with them from the start instead with some wolves". All of this begins to puzzle me after a few minutes.
      after some time I drop out of the tree and start to take a stroll back to the truck and I get  a glimpse something through the corner of my eye and is approaching. I turn my head to see what it is, to my astonishment what stands before make is a young pup.
     Walking away the pup begins to follow me, it must be lost, I think to myself so I howl with no reply. It has fallen asleep at my feet I look around but there is nothing but trees in all directions hemming us in. My attention begins to wander and I notice its snowy white fur and soft ears fluttering back and forth, too and fro like a leaf in the breeze. I think back to when I was in the den and I lost the pack so I bend down and pick the poor little guy up.
      John is calling my name not far from where I am now. He pushes a branch up and sees the pup but does nothing so I just walk on by he still does nothing, I get in to the truck and he watches. He turns around and walks toward me and runs his hand down the pups back and she comes to looks up at him then to me and give a low whimper  in response I nuzzle into her scruff she looks back to John and gives a greeting yip.
     Terry is still asleep on the far side of the truck so I rest the pup in the middle. I look at her again and something about her reminds me of the smallest of the young pups when I was with the wolves still.
     She had long flowing white fur and the the most loving warm eyes that took you back to a sunny summers day with the suns beautiful rays beaming down on you and all of the plants and trees in full bloom.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Chapter 3

I crossed back over the river but Terry's gone I started to panic but then I notice her foot tracks leading away so I folow them, they turn out to a dirt track the prints are still there so I keep on folowing them.
     I might be a human but I have the ears and tail of a wolf so I am a bit like a wolf I supose but being human still gets on my neves because it means I will never be able to truely hunt like a wolf . When I was with the wolves I used to put dow my inability to down to the fact that I wasn't a full grown.
    I hear screaming so I start to run I turn a corner and it happens so quick, I see Terry in a cage and the next thing I know I'm tied up tightly and bundled into the small cramped cage with her.
     "What the hell's happening?!"
     "Oi mut shut it! and I don't want to here anouther word out of either of you untill we get towhere we're   going got it"
     Hours go by and  no one says anything. I've lost all feeling in my legs I look over to Terry and to my horror and disbelief I realise she was knocked out. There was blood running down her arm the cut didn't look paticualy deep but if it had gone into an arterairy it wouldn't have to be to knock her out. I shuffle over to her to make sure she's alright, a river of pain courses through my legs I want to cry out but I can't. As I finnaly get my bearings I pull myself over to Terry and I can seen the full extent of the cut, it has gone straight from her shoulder to her elbow not paticualy deep but must have cut the artiary because it's bleeding badly.
     The sickily sweet smell of blood fills the air around us and suddenly I am with the wolves again. I am a young pup and I have fallen in the brambles, the mother wolf walks over to me nudges my fore-paw and starts to clean it.
     Then I'm back in the cage again and then it all comes back to me so I start to lick clean Terry's arm. After about ten minutes my efforts get results and Terry starts to stir, she moves one of her legs to get comfetable only to let out a peircing cry of pain and turned the air blue around us with her foul language.
    A few minutes later the truck pulls up and we are bundled out in the cage.I look around and I see a small wooden shack with no windows and a padlock on the door. I begain to wander what the hell was going on and why the hell we are here.
    I must have fallen asleep because I wake up to find I've been taken out of the cage and we're inside the shack. Terry is still in the cage; a pool of crimson, bitter, sweet blood surounds her.
   She wakes up eventually, my gaze wanders around us; a dandelions golden, bobding head has speared its way through the floor boads, rats scurry this way and that carrying little bits of whatever food they have found in the outside world.
   A car pulls up outside maybe the men are back to give us some food or water or maybe to see to Terry's arm.
   the door begains to open and standing in the door way is John he looks first to me and then to Terry who has lost consouseness again.
    "Lupus get out to the truck now, don't worry I'll get Terry"
     I run outside and take a running leap at the truck and buckle myself into the back seat. John and Terry closely follow me out it appeers that Johns wrapped a peice a cloth around Terry's arm in an atempt to steady the blood flow.
   I look to the front passenger seat but to my surprise theres no sign of Bea but in the seat she usally sits there lays a gun.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chapter 2

"Morning Lupus" Terry called out as she walked into my room. Terries the young female tailess thats been teaching me to speak tailess. The full grown male tailess is called John and the female is called Bea, she's the one who called me lupus apparently it means wolf. It also turns out that I am not actualy a wolf but a human like them. Terry puts some clothes out for me. I slowly bring my head up from the depths of my blanket. she told me to hurry up beacause she was going to take me fishing down the river.
      I got up and went down stairs. Bea  looked up and said "come here you scruffy mut and let me brush your hair." I let her because I couldn't be bothered to argue with her, I hate having my hair brushed it makes me feel less like a wolf than I already do.
    John stroled into the kitchen "hey no one told me there was a dog grooming parlour down here" I couldn't be bothered to try anything in tailless talk so I just growled at him. He made some toast and suasages. Theyv'e been trieing to get me to eat more than just meat,  I am not a big fan of vegateables but I can just about put up with toast.
     Finally Terry comes down and she's holding to long sticks with some string attached to them. once she's ate her breakfast I ask her "what are you using those big stick things for?"
     "they're what you use for fishing." she replied.
     the tailesses are a little bit strange in their ways like they trim down their claws so they can't hold on to prey and when they do get any prey what so ever they put it into a cold metal box they call a fridge. They don't even go hunting they go to a building called a supermarket where some other tailesses have hunted for them and put it on shelves so they can walk around and pick what they want and trade it for money. I haven't gone with them since the first time because it is just so weird.
      Me and Terry are on our way to the river now. It's much nicer around here because there aren't as many houses around or cars so the air is much fresher. From where we are now I can just about hear the river. After a little while we get to the bank of the river. It's much bigger than the one we went to when I was living with the wolves, we would always go to the same little stream it was so much fun to play in there with rest of the cubs and young full growns.
      Sometimes I really miss the rest of the pack. I told Terry that I did but she doesn't know where they are. She also said that it was probably was bounty hunters looking to sell them to make a quick quid on the illegal pet trade but she said she would give tracking them down ago.
      Down at the river Terry set up the fishing rods to catch the fish and we started talking.
   "Lupus do you ever wander what you would be doing now if you were still with the wolves?"
   "Yeah and I always kind of know."
   " How come?"
   "because we would always walking from one resting place to the next, hunting or just playing around in a stream or around on the rocks or something."
   "It must be really strange being taken away from every thing you know to have to learn everything again it must really hard. I wouldn't be able to do it let alone cope as well as you have."
    "I guess that's the wolf in me it's a tough world out there and only the survive, it's either adapt or die."
      ages went bye and neither of us said any thing so I began to think to myself. Why is she asking so many questions? About ten minutes later one of the rods hooks a fish so Terry helps me reel it in.
    "what was it like living with wolves?"
     "it was alright" I replied "being with the cubs was quite fun sometimes hunting was hard work"
      ages went by until Terry decided to pack away the stuff. suddenly there was a rustling in the bushes  Terry shouted what was that over there or something like that. A few seconds went by and there it was a pack of wolves.
  "go on"
  " go see them, I know you want to"
  " You sure"
  "Yes now go on"
  I hesitated but then I went over to the wolves. I paused just before I got to them and waited for the leader to come over. As he walked over I could see his true size and he was absolutely huge.