Monday, 29 April 2013

Chapter 1

I got up and howled,there was no reply. The pack must of left hours ago and they left me behind. All the other cubs are gone. I know they will come back soon once they realise that i am not with them where ever they are. before they went I heard was the roar of a great square shiny box out of which  three tall tailess animals got out of. They must have taken the rest of the pack but where have the taken them.
       I know I wasn't like the other wolves i don't have fur and I am bigger than the other cubs as well but I don't know why those tall tailess beings took the rest of the pack and not me.   I'm not a young cub I am one of the younger full growns but I am cold, alone, scared and hungry.
       Outside the den I can hear strange yips and yowls they are not wolf. but they sound familiar and almost friendly so i poke my nose out side of the den. One of the tall tailesses makes a strange yip and a yowl and it sounded like hey whats that. It began to run over to me so I ran over maybe it wants to play! maybe they know where the rest of the pack is. next thing I know i am in the the shiny metal box. The tailess animals are friendly even so I can't understand their strange yips and yowls. They wrapped a strange warm pelt around me it was ever so warm and soft so I quite like it.
        They are doing really weird things like holding things in their fore paws. The female young full grown is making some yips i don't know what they mean but they sound like whats her name. The male fullgrown said something that sounded a bit like she probably doesn't have one. The female fullgrown mumbled something like what about lupus its Latin for wolf.
        I must of fallen asleep because I am being taken inside a odd brick den now. they are speeking to me but I don't understand a word they say. They keep saying the word lupus why do they keep saying that. I try immatating their odd yips but that doesn't get me any where I try saying lupus but the only thing that gets me is more nonsense yips that sound like yes that's your name.
       It's getting dark outside of the den and I begin to wonder when they're going to go hunting about ten minutes later the male full grown tailess opens a tall metal box in the corner of the room  and pulls out some already dead prey. they offer me some so I take it, it tasted alright I guess.
      After we all finished eating the female young tailess took me around the den and pointed to things and said what they were called at least i think they were names she is telling me names of things I can't really tell . Last of all she pointed to me and said Lupus so I guess that's my name now.