Sunday, 8 December 2013

Chapter 13

The choice then was easy to make. I may know the people who I live with better than Luna but she knows me better than them. I had my clothes and the book Terry gave me so I was all set to go, But what about Cerwyn and Rossetta, Cerwyn could come with me but Rossetta would then be alone and she would panic.
     I knew I had to leave so I went into the tent and picked up my tie-dyed ruck sack, I packed my things into it. I then went out again to the van. "Luna, I will walk myself to yours tonight." I said softly. She simply nodded in reply then drove off.
    John put his strong muscular arms around me "So this is where we are going to last see you then." He whispered into my ear.
    "Who knows" I replied.
    John stood up to his full height, clapped his hands together and declared "Well in case it is then we must have a barbique." the smile grew across his face. "Right Cerwyn, Lupus your on hunting duty, get something nice to cook. Terry, Rossetta get some wood for the fire. Bea get in the truck we'll get some buns, burgers and something to drink."
    Cerwyn ran off into the woods and I followed. We quikly split up but kept with in site of each other, for me it seemed the most natural thing in the world but I don't  know how Cerwyn knew what to do. We soon came across a dear and with out thinking about it I threw myself at it. I saw my hands had morphed into paws in front of me and I realise I had yet again shifted. I was on top of the daer and I got a firm hold on its neck, for about five minutes it strugled feircly then all of a sudden I felt it go limp in my jaws.
     Cerwyn came forward and gave me a good scratch behind the ear. "Well done Lu." she paused "Now will you help me drag it back."
      I barked eagerly and started pulling at one of the rear legs. The sweet fresh blood poured out into my mouth. It was still a five mile haul back to the camp.
      We reached the camp, no one was there yet so Cerwyn went and fetched a knife to skin and gut the deer. I watched her make short work of the mamoth task. As a wathed I felt my self morph back into my human form. "Lupin." cerwyn said as she removed the skin with expert skill "Go fetch us a bucket of water."
      I grabbed the bucket and wandered down to the stream contemplating where she could of learnt to do that. I fill the large bucket up and lug it back to camp. I get there to find the pelt perfectly laid out and the different cuts of meat already seperated. Next to this was Cerwyn curled up in a ball shivering all over and crying.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Chapter 12

Luna led us through to her kitchen, pots, pans and little bottles were all over the work surface.
     "Right you two like you need a cup of tea." She declared.
     "Luna, you are so right." Cerwyn replied taking a seat.
     Cerwyn looked absolutely shattered as she sat down at the wooden table playing with a piece of cotton. I start to think about the flash back she had earlier, the amount of fear I could feel coming off of her scared me. All I can think of is what if it happens again, will she get through it? What happened to make her go like that?
     The kettle boiled and Luna set down two mugs containing the shiny brown, hot liquid. I try to drink it but I burn my tongue, but I carry on because I like the taste of it.
     "John doesn't let Lupin drink tea." mentioned Cerwyn.
     "Well that explains a lot then." Chuckled Luna.
      I carry on lapping away at the tea when a sharp knock rattles the door. Luna goes to answer it. She comes back carrying a  package wrapped in brown paper and bound with string and places it down on the table. She unwraps it delicately with her long fingers, first pulling off the string then the paper. Inside was a leather bound book.
      "That reminds me." She declared "I got you something for your birthday." With that she left the room to go up stairs. A short time later she returns with a wooden box. On top an interweaving knot design has been carved, almost burnt into the wood. I open it to find a just as exquisite necklace. A wolf, head thrown back in full howl."It was your mothers, it has been passed down for sixteen generations even through the witch burnings of the seventeenth century and now to you."
         I feel a spark of pride run through me so I remove it from the soft, worn leather and place it around my neck. At the same time I feel a tingly feeling run through my veins somewhere near me  I hear Cerwyn gasp.
I look toward a mirror and and notice the unearthly shade of amber my eyes have turned, I quite like it.
      "Each generation of our family has had its shifter, the one who has been able to shift to the wolf like yourself." Luna continues.
       Outside rain beats down heavily on the window. Cerwyn suggests we start heading back as Rossetta would be getting scared. So Luna Grabs the keys to her camper van. Me and Cerwyn clamber in the back and she drives off. A whole five minutes pass in silence until we arrive at the camp and we Jump back out again.
       I walk around to the drivers side to say good by to see tear streaming down Luna's face. I open the door and wrap my arms around her. Into my ear she whispers "Don't leave me."

Friday, 15 November 2013

Chapter 11

The storm carried on long into the next day, Cerwyn took Rosetta out to the truck to get some rest because loud sounds make her nervous so I got the bed to myself. As I lied down I started to debate all the things that happened since I arrived in Scotland, everything from getting here to the arrival of Rosetta.
     The storm starts to get worse so I wander out to the truck to be honest I don't like lightning, one of the pups with the pack was struck by lightning. Storms just remind me of what happened that fateful day. I get into the truck and curl up on my normal seat. Rosetta strokes one of my ears softly.
     "She's just like you said she was Cer, I wish I knew who my family was." Rosetta mumbled
     "I know, you've got us now."Cerwyn replied
     I start to chew on Cerwyns thumb. "Hey you" she chuckles "you never did change much."
     "Why was I left with the wolves?" I ask.
     "Luna had no choice, when you were younger there was almost nothing human other than your looks about you. It came to her in a dream to leave you with the wolves so she did because she knew one day you would come back to her." Cerwyn answered
     "Whose Luna?"
     "Our auntie."   
     "Is she still alive?" I ask hopefully.
     "Yes, I'm still in contact with her."
     "Really, Could we visit her sometime?"I begin to get exited, my tail and ears pick up.
     "Actually she has been asking to meet you and she only live down the road from here" she pauses "Come on lets ask John" she says
     "What now? would you come with me?"
     "Of course I would."
     We all climb down out of the truck to go find him. We go down in to the woods and wander around for a while until we come across him. He was sat alone with his knife carving into a peice of wood.
     "John, I'm going to take Lupus to see Luna today, are you alright with that."
     "Well your going to do it any way." He sighs.
     "True." Cerwyn replies. "Come on Lu'." She started walking and I followed. We didn't talk to each other for quite some time. I look over to her because she had stopped one of her ears were twitching, she appeared to be completely in her own little world.
     "Cer." she doesn't reply "Cerwyn, are you okay?" I start to worry
     "Don't hurt me." she whispered whilst cowering on the ground. I run forward. "Please don't hurt me, Clyde" she she shakes as I hold her.
     "It's not Clyde, It's Lupus, your sister. Please stop Cerwyn, your really scaring me now." Her screams calm down to gentle sobs.
      "Lu." She stutters.
      "Yes don't worry it's me" I pause "Are you ok?"
      "I think I'll be fine once I get to Luna's" I help her to her feet and we set off again. Soon we come to a small cottage, the outside has been well maintained: the walls have honeysuckle creeping up, vines intertwine with the fence posts and pansies bob there glowing head in the late September sun.
     Cerwyn walks up to the front door and beckons me towards her. She knocks on the door using the brass door knocker shaped  like a lions head. A young woman steps out about in mid-thirties, "Cerwyn is that you?" she ask while putting on her glasses that were hanging around her neck. "Cerwyn It is you and You must be Lupus! It is amazing to see you both again, well little Lu haven't you grown.Why don't you both come in?"
     She ushers us into the cottage, I stand and look at her, she looks like an older, shorter version of me with out the tail or ears. Her long goldenhair brushes her shoulders and is held back in a scruffy pony tail. She quickly and firmly shut the door behind us.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Chapter 10

I still find living with humans weird, since all my life I've lived with wolves.
    "I rember when you were a little kid Lu, you were a funny little thing, You had a great imagination, always coming up with little games and your favorite toy was a little teddy bear."
     For a second I tried to work out who it was befor relising it was Cerwyn. "How old was I when I was left with the wolves?"
    "You were three"
    I hear a branch crack near by and Terry wakes up startled. Cerwyn looks around untill a shadow figure emerges from the darkness.
   "Hello whose there?" I call out. A young girl comes forth.
   "Hello Cerwyn" Rossetta says.
    I look at her quite small, bright red hair and eyes as green as the freshly sprung grass in spring.
    "Well you know me, this is my sister Lupus and this is our friend Terry." Cerwyn said.
    "You two know each other?" I ask
    "Kenny and Clyde abboned me here Cerwyn and said they were after after you so I guessed you were in the area, Ive been looking for you to warn you all day"
     "We know they came after us earlier, Kennies dead he was shot."Cerwyn replied
     "Good" Rossetta said
     "They're the ones that kiddnapped me and Terry." I whimpered.
   Terry starts to become more and more fearfull by the seccond, "We have to get back to the camp now" she declares as she wraps her hand around me.
    They start walking in the direction of the camp before Cerwyn turns around."Come on Lupus"
     "I'm not going" I reply.
     "Lupus, John probly had a good reason for shooting that wolf."Cerwyn Shouted.
     "He didn't"Terry joined in.
     We all go silent, yet anouther branch cracks in the distence and from the darkness John appears.
     "Okay girls its time to come back to camp now."John said
    we all start to folow but I keep muttering comments of protest to the situation. Rossetta stays close to my side unsure of what to make of what was happening. I begin to ask myself why didn't Cerwyn tell me about Rossetta.
     We get to the tent, the scene hasn't changed much from earlier the corpses however have been disposed of. the blood still covers the ground and its sweet smell still lingers in the air.
     I enter the tent and curl up on the bed Cerwyn and Terry also come in but Rosetta doesn't Terry calls to her but she just shakes her head and refuses.
     "Come on Rosser, just get in here." Cerwyn shouts. after that she comes in. Cerwyn budges up next to me to make room for her in the bed. Rossetta hesitates but gets in, I didn't mind to much because it was nice and warm.
     Everyone was asleep but not for long since a storm rolled in Rossetta started to shake all over which woke Cerwyn up. "Shhh calm down, its okay no one is going to hurt you here" Cerwyn muttered.
     "What are talking about?" I asked as I Turned over.
     "I'll explain in the morning Lu, just try and get some sleep now."

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Chapter 9

It was Horrible fur and blood everywhere, a beautiful wolf lay on the ground strugling for each and every breath. John held a gun I looked across from him and the same man who had trapped me, now
he laid on the ground, dead.
     "Good."I thought aloud "He had it comng to him"
     I walked over to the wolf and tuched its neck then every hit me at once, his final moment on earth. the man hadn't shot him John had.
      "You monster" I cried as I ran away.
      Cerwyn ran after me Terry closly. I ran for as far as I could and as fast as I could. I became tired and hungry soon. Nothing to hunt but there was a blackberry bush. I tried one, the sweet flavour exploded on my tounge and I liked it.
     In the distense I could hear Cerwyn at first she was almost impossible to hear but slowly she got louder and louder until she was stood right above me. Soon a very out of breath Terry stood by me too.
       "Why?" I  quetioned.
       "Its okay Lupus"Cerwyn said as she wrapped her arm around me .
       "Cerwyn I'm scared"
       "Why are you scared?"
       "I could see the wolf last moments evrything it was like I was there."
       "That I can understand must be absolutly terrifying"
       "It was but it wasn't just that I could feel evrything as well even the bullet that ended it all."then the moment played over in my mind again and agian. Every time was just as painfull as the last.
       In the end my need to eat took over.
       "Do either of you have anything to eat."
       "Yeah here you go." Replied Terry as she passed me a peice of bread.
       Its starting to get dark. I don't like the dark since I was kidnapped that day. The cabin was so dark and I haven't been able to be in the dark alone since.
      "It's getting dark, we should go back to camp." Cerwyn announced.
      "No I'm not back there"I said
      "Lupus, it's getting dark" Terry said in a questioning tone.
       "Lupus" Cerwyn joined in "You hate being alone in the dark."
      "If you stay with me I won't be alone." With that I lied down, a few seconds later Cerwyn and Terry both lied down with me.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Chapter 8

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to a beautiful scene- a deer rose his majestic antlers, the morning dew atop the spring grass glistened in the sunlight whilst the darling buds of may bobbed up and down on the branch  of the tree on which they were growing and birds sung the gloriouse song to the universe.
     Cerwyn apeared through the trees carrying arm fulls of wood.
     "Morning Lupus!" She called
     "And what a wonderfull morning it is to" I responded
     I climbed out the truck and wandered over to join her when she stopped outside of a tent that at first I hadn't noticed.
      "Are the others in there?"I asked.
      "Yeah" shouted John from inside the tent.
      "Come on in Lupus"called Terry.
      I walked in to see them in three seperate air beds and one empty double one.
       "I thought you and Cerwyn could share one between you" John said cheerfully "I just left you in the car last night because you were already asleep and I didn't want to wake you up." he continued.
       I crawled into the bed and called from somewhere underneath the bed sheets "And I'm going back to sleep now"
      "Oh no your not sis" growled Cerwyn "Your helping me start a fire outside"
     "In a bit" I replied
      "No now!" and with the tone she used I didn't bother argueing.
      Outside Cerwyn started to build a base for the fire. "Is There meant to be that much smoke" I choked.
       "Yes, don't worry about it" she replied whilst one of her ears twitched.
        "Do you know where we are?" I questioned
        "Where in Scotland though"
        "Dunno Around Loch Lomond"
       She chucked a log on the fire and it caught fire almost instantly. We both went silent for quite sometime.
        "The day you changed" Cerwyn broke the silence."How did it feel?"
        "What do you mean?"
        " Well did it feel any different to normal or not?"
        "A little at first I didn't notice untill I launched myself  at that guy." I paused "To bad I missed his throat."
        "He wasn't that bad Lupus."
        "Says you" 
       It went silent for a little while. Then Cerwyn playfully swated me, I tapped her hand so she batted my ear I flicked it foward and she ran off. I followed in close persuit Into the dark woods, for a while she easily out paced me but after about five miniuts I caught up with her. We rolled around in the mud for a little while before walking back to the camp.
       "Lupus, Run" Terry screamed
       Cerwyn ran saw a truck and ran in the other direction I lokked at the truck and realised it was the one that me and Terries kidnappers had used. In a blind panick I took of after Cerwyn hoping to catch up.
       I saw a bush move so I aproached it, I saw it was Cerwyn and I my panick ceased she pulled me down into the bush and wraped her arms around me "I'm never going back Lupus." she whimpered.
      "You don't have to and if you do I'll go to."
      "But Lupus they will kill you."
      "Somehow I know that."I stop for a second "What about you."
      "I'm not going back with him." she snapped.
      "Okay, who bit your tail." I replied.
      "Cerwyn, what was he like to live with?"
      "He was an absolute pain in the neck"
      "Lupus, Cerwyn come on he's gone now and my dad wants you back at camp"Terry shouted.
      We walked out of the bush and scared her half to death."come quick It's an emergency" we started running as fast as we could.
      What a sight greeted us at the camp and I started to wonder if this was some horribly disturbed dream , but it wasn't. The blood was real, the scatering of bullets was real and so were sceams of pain. They weren't human but those of a wolf.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Chapter 7

    "Happy birthday Lupus!" Terry and Cerwyn practically sang as they walked over to my bed.
    "Huh what's going on?"  I mumbled back from somewhere from underneath my bed covers.
    "It's your birthday."
    " My what?" I reply. I take a few seconds then say "Oh my birthday right!"
    They take out a small package then pass it to me.
    "I have been making you this since you got here" Terry says to me.
    I open it to find a small but thick leather bound book; out of curiosity I open it to discover pencil drawings and photographs of places we have been and things that we have done, I turn the soft cream pages to discover more. Everything was there from the four leaf clover I found in the back garden to line drawings of the hut in which we were taken to after being kidnapped. I sit and trace the intriciut lines of the drawings delicately with my finger.
      I turn the page yet again to find a picture of Bronwynn, the young white wolf pup I found in the woods. To this very day I still find it strange that she was in the woods on her own it is, almost,as if she found me.
      I was extremely sad when Bea said we had to hand her on to a wildlife park as the chances are I will never see her again but I am also ever so happy for because she is back where she truly belongs now, although the same can not be said for me. Ever since the day that I changed a strange yearning for what I can not have has built inside of me, the want of to be wild and free once more instead of confined by the harsh rule of society.
     That is when Terries voice brings me back to reality. " Okay then I'll see you down stairs in half an hour then" and then leaving the room with Cerwyn closely on her tail. It feels very weird saying that phrase if you have a tail.
     I get up and walk toward a chest of draws in the corner and get out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I walk to  the stair case at the back of my room and wander down to the kitchen.
     Bea had already put out my breakfast, a sausage, bacon and egg fry up, simple but just what I  needed.
     " Better hurry up we're going out later" John called  from the basement "best you put a jumper or something on and get a longer pair of trousers while your at it" he  added.
      I quickly ate my breakfast and ran back up the stairs to get changing . while getting changed I tried  to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, with very little luck.
      Once I'd finished I ran back down the stairs missing out most of them out as I went. John was just going out of the door "in the truck" he shouted back to me. I walked closely behind him.
      I pulled myself up onto to the back seat noting that the boot was completely loaded up.
      "Have you three in the back got your seat belts on?" Asked Bea
      "Yes!" We all chimed in together.
       Everyone has been acting weird around me ever since I changed that day. It's as if they are scared. Yet to me it felt so natural in fact at first I didn't even notice what had happened at first. The only one who has been acting normally around me is Cerwyn mind you I don't know what she was like before that day.
      We've been travelling for hours and I am so hungry and tired  I could sleep on a galloping hedgehog whilst eating a horse.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Chapter 6

It was early morning and my room was bathed in a unearthly glow . A high pitched whining broke through the darkness. I realise it must be Cerwyn I leave it for a little while but it just carries on.
"Are you alright" I whisper across the dark abyss of my room.
It all goes quiet then I here her mumble"hmm umh" I walk over to her -turning the light on on the way over- I pull back her bed cover and becomes apparent that she had been crying.
"Whats wrong?"
" Not much what about you"
" Cerwyn I can see you've been crying" I pause " I could here you crying from across the room."
" I miss our mother"
I ponder over this until I realise she said "Our mother"
"What do you mean our mother?"
"You know your my sister, right?"
I walk back to my bed turning off the light as I go but do not sleep. The darkness drags on and on and the fire starts to build up inside of me. Cerwyns word repeat over in my head like a CD stuck on repeat.
I walk down the stairs to find that my allegged sister is already down in the kitchen I wait by the door because I hear them Talking.
"So you told her then."Jhon whispered
"Yes. but I don't know how she's taken it"
Suddenly I can't take it any longer and I just walk in. "You know what I'm taking it pretty well and by the way, I don't like being talked about behind my back."
"Oh hey Lupus well I guess it's great you don't mind"
"lets just put it this way after you find out your mother was murdered not much is going to bother you at least knowing you've got a living relative isn't going to bother you."

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Chapter 5

Bronwynn, the pup gets up to stretch her little legs just to turn back around  and sit back down only now on my lap. Her gaze wanders up to meet mine. No matter how hard I try I find nearly impossibe to bring myself away from her hypnotic hazel eyes with just a slight smokey tinge that wavered in the light like a candle flame in the warm breeze of a summerday.
     I just stare out into the distance going half mad with an itch which can not be scratched welling up inside like some fire but instead of dieing down it builds up and no matter what I do it just carries on with unrelinquishing thirst of which can not be quenched.
     Terry walks into my bedroom her arm still rendered almost unuseable by the cut that had torn her mucsle Bea said that it might get better eventualy but it will take some time.
     "Lupus don't panic or any thing but go down to the basement; take your blanket and pillow."
     " Whats going on?"
      "Just get your blanket get down there. Now!"
I begin to worry whats going on so I do exactly what was said to do and then run down there as fast as I can. There is a stair case at the back of my room which I go down for maximum speed.
     Terry is already down there crouched in a corner behind a box.
      "Hey whats all thi..."
       "Shhh" she whispered "get down here."
     I didn't say anything further but I hear voices upstairs so I tell Terry-the great thing about being half wolf is I can hear things that others can't-theres sounds like some kind of strugle and shouting then the door to the basement is thrown open.
     "There" shouts one of them "the wolf girl."
Then I recognise the voice its the younger of the two guys that kidnapped us but the other is a young girl she can not be older than me.
     "This is for running away" he snarls at me whilst drawing a gun from his leather belt.
      I stand up and walk back and forth like the wolves used to when seeing off an atacker. Than all of a sudden I throw myself at the man the girl backs away. I snap at his leg and flesh comes away in my mouth.
      I turn back around to clean the fur on my back. wait fur? that shouldn't be there and last time I checked I didn't have paws either.
      Then it hits me I have turned into a wolf . Before I have any time to think the man gets up and runs leaving the kid behind. She pauses than takes off her hat to expose a pair of golden brown ears shortly followed  by a tail behind her.
       I get up and realise I've shifted back. We stand and stair at each other.
      "Thank you" she says eventually "It was terrible living with him."
        Bea sends us to my room to go to bed also said that she can stay.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Chapter 4

I woke up in absolute terror the faces of the men that kidnapped Terry keep appearing in my dreams; the older of the two has a scar running across his left eye, keeping it shut and forcing his face into a constant scowl. The other a young tall boy with broad shoulders and long tasselled brown hair covering the right side of his face but exposing one piercing blue eye as cold as ice and as fixating as the strange waltz between snowflakes as they float softly to the ground in the icy, unforgiving winter months of the ice ridden, barren plains of the Arctic.
      Terries still asleep so cosy in her little world her brows light and care free and a small smile creeps upon her face.
       John stays awake outside the truck wielding the small hand gun which took Bea's place on the front seat of the truck. I get up; open the door, slowly get out the truck and perch down next to John.
      I turn my head in response to this.
      "Lupus I..." he pauses as if looking for the words inside "Lupus I knew you mother"
      I sit there stunned unable to comprehend what had just been said. In the past two months I had been with them he knew who I was the whole time and yet he had left me who the hell I am.
      "what was she like?"
     " when I knew her, she was young. She was very tall but hardly noticeable she would spend a lot of time alone." He stopped for a second as if recalling something.
      "Lupus the only reason your not with her now was..." trailing off thinking "was because she was murdered"
        I get up and walk off John tries to call me back but does not follow. My legs keep dragging me along, pulling me deeper into the woods. Eventually I see a tree up a head so I jump and grab the first branch and haul my self up and begin to think to myself ,"if he knew who I was why wasn't I with them from the start instead with some wolves". All of this begins to puzzle me after a few minutes.
      after some time I drop out of the tree and start to take a stroll back to the truck and I get  a glimpse something through the corner of my eye and is approaching. I turn my head to see what it is, to my astonishment what stands before make is a young pup.
     Walking away the pup begins to follow me, it must be lost, I think to myself so I howl with no reply. It has fallen asleep at my feet I look around but there is nothing but trees in all directions hemming us in. My attention begins to wander and I notice its snowy white fur and soft ears fluttering back and forth, too and fro like a leaf in the breeze. I think back to when I was in the den and I lost the pack so I bend down and pick the poor little guy up.
      John is calling my name not far from where I am now. He pushes a branch up and sees the pup but does nothing so I just walk on by he still does nothing, I get in to the truck and he watches. He turns around and walks toward me and runs his hand down the pups back and she comes to looks up at him then to me and give a low whimper  in response I nuzzle into her scruff she looks back to John and gives a greeting yip.
     Terry is still asleep on the far side of the truck so I rest the pup in the middle. I look at her again and something about her reminds me of the smallest of the young pups when I was with the wolves still.
     She had long flowing white fur and the the most loving warm eyes that took you back to a sunny summers day with the suns beautiful rays beaming down on you and all of the plants and trees in full bloom.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Chapter 3

I crossed back over the river but Terry's gone I started to panic but then I notice her foot tracks leading away so I folow them, they turn out to a dirt track the prints are still there so I keep on folowing them.
     I might be a human but I have the ears and tail of a wolf so I am a bit like a wolf I supose but being human still gets on my neves because it means I will never be able to truely hunt like a wolf . When I was with the wolves I used to put dow my inability to down to the fact that I wasn't a full grown.
    I hear screaming so I start to run I turn a corner and it happens so quick, I see Terry in a cage and the next thing I know I'm tied up tightly and bundled into the small cramped cage with her.
     "What the hell's happening?!"
     "Oi mut shut it! and I don't want to here anouther word out of either of you untill we get towhere we're   going got it"
     Hours go by and  no one says anything. I've lost all feeling in my legs I look over to Terry and to my horror and disbelief I realise she was knocked out. There was blood running down her arm the cut didn't look paticualy deep but if it had gone into an arterairy it wouldn't have to be to knock her out. I shuffle over to her to make sure she's alright, a river of pain courses through my legs I want to cry out but I can't. As I finnaly get my bearings I pull myself over to Terry and I can seen the full extent of the cut, it has gone straight from her shoulder to her elbow not paticualy deep but must have cut the artiary because it's bleeding badly.
     The sickily sweet smell of blood fills the air around us and suddenly I am with the wolves again. I am a young pup and I have fallen in the brambles, the mother wolf walks over to me nudges my fore-paw and starts to clean it.
     Then I'm back in the cage again and then it all comes back to me so I start to lick clean Terry's arm. After about ten minutes my efforts get results and Terry starts to stir, she moves one of her legs to get comfetable only to let out a peircing cry of pain and turned the air blue around us with her foul language.
    A few minutes later the truck pulls up and we are bundled out in the cage.I look around and I see a small wooden shack with no windows and a padlock on the door. I begain to wander what the hell was going on and why the hell we are here.
    I must have fallen asleep because I wake up to find I've been taken out of the cage and we're inside the shack. Terry is still in the cage; a pool of crimson, bitter, sweet blood surounds her.
   She wakes up eventually, my gaze wanders around us; a dandelions golden, bobding head has speared its way through the floor boads, rats scurry this way and that carrying little bits of whatever food they have found in the outside world.
   A car pulls up outside maybe the men are back to give us some food or water or maybe to see to Terry's arm.
   the door begains to open and standing in the door way is John he looks first to me and then to Terry who has lost consouseness again.
    "Lupus get out to the truck now, don't worry I'll get Terry"
     I run outside and take a running leap at the truck and buckle myself into the back seat. John and Terry closely follow me out it appeers that Johns wrapped a peice a cloth around Terry's arm in an atempt to steady the blood flow.
   I look to the front passenger seat but to my surprise theres no sign of Bea but in the seat she usally sits there lays a gun.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chapter 2

"Morning Lupus" Terry called out as she walked into my room. Terries the young female tailess thats been teaching me to speak tailess. The full grown male tailess is called John and the female is called Bea, she's the one who called me lupus apparently it means wolf. It also turns out that I am not actualy a wolf but a human like them. Terry puts some clothes out for me. I slowly bring my head up from the depths of my blanket. she told me to hurry up beacause she was going to take me fishing down the river.
      I got up and went down stairs. Bea  looked up and said "come here you scruffy mut and let me brush your hair." I let her because I couldn't be bothered to argue with her, I hate having my hair brushed it makes me feel less like a wolf than I already do.
    John stroled into the kitchen "hey no one told me there was a dog grooming parlour down here" I couldn't be bothered to try anything in tailless talk so I just growled at him. He made some toast and suasages. Theyv'e been trieing to get me to eat more than just meat,  I am not a big fan of vegateables but I can just about put up with toast.
     Finally Terry comes down and she's holding to long sticks with some string attached to them. once she's ate her breakfast I ask her "what are you using those big stick things for?"
     "they're what you use for fishing." she replied.
     the tailesses are a little bit strange in their ways like they trim down their claws so they can't hold on to prey and when they do get any prey what so ever they put it into a cold metal box they call a fridge. They don't even go hunting they go to a building called a supermarket where some other tailesses have hunted for them and put it on shelves so they can walk around and pick what they want and trade it for money. I haven't gone with them since the first time because it is just so weird.
      Me and Terry are on our way to the river now. It's much nicer around here because there aren't as many houses around or cars so the air is much fresher. From where we are now I can just about hear the river. After a little while we get to the bank of the river. It's much bigger than the one we went to when I was living with the wolves, we would always go to the same little stream it was so much fun to play in there with rest of the cubs and young full growns.
      Sometimes I really miss the rest of the pack. I told Terry that I did but she doesn't know where they are. She also said that it was probably was bounty hunters looking to sell them to make a quick quid on the illegal pet trade but she said she would give tracking them down ago.
      Down at the river Terry set up the fishing rods to catch the fish and we started talking.
   "Lupus do you ever wander what you would be doing now if you were still with the wolves?"
   "Yeah and I always kind of know."
   " How come?"
   "because we would always walking from one resting place to the next, hunting or just playing around in a stream or around on the rocks or something."
   "It must be really strange being taken away from every thing you know to have to learn everything again it must really hard. I wouldn't be able to do it let alone cope as well as you have."
    "I guess that's the wolf in me it's a tough world out there and only the survive, it's either adapt or die."
      ages went bye and neither of us said any thing so I began to think to myself. Why is she asking so many questions? About ten minutes later one of the rods hooks a fish so Terry helps me reel it in.
    "what was it like living with wolves?"
     "it was alright" I replied "being with the cubs was quite fun sometimes hunting was hard work"
      ages went by until Terry decided to pack away the stuff. suddenly there was a rustling in the bushes  Terry shouted what was that over there or something like that. A few seconds went by and there it was a pack of wolves.
  "go on"
  " go see them, I know you want to"
  " You sure"
  "Yes now go on"
  I hesitated but then I went over to the wolves. I paused just before I got to them and waited for the leader to come over. As he walked over I could see his true size and he was absolutely huge.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Chapter 1

I got up and howled,there was no reply. The pack must of left hours ago and they left me behind. All the other cubs are gone. I know they will come back soon once they realise that i am not with them where ever they are. before they went I heard was the roar of a great square shiny box out of which  three tall tailess animals got out of. They must have taken the rest of the pack but where have the taken them.
       I know I wasn't like the other wolves i don't have fur and I am bigger than the other cubs as well but I don't know why those tall tailess beings took the rest of the pack and not me.   I'm not a young cub I am one of the younger full growns but I am cold, alone, scared and hungry.
       Outside the den I can hear strange yips and yowls they are not wolf. but they sound familiar and almost friendly so i poke my nose out side of the den. One of the tall tailesses makes a strange yip and a yowl and it sounded like hey whats that. It began to run over to me so I ran over maybe it wants to play! maybe they know where the rest of the pack is. next thing I know i am in the the shiny metal box. The tailess animals are friendly even so I can't understand their strange yips and yowls. They wrapped a strange warm pelt around me it was ever so warm and soft so I quite like it.
        They are doing really weird things like holding things in their fore paws. The female young full grown is making some yips i don't know what they mean but they sound like whats her name. The male fullgrown said something that sounded a bit like she probably doesn't have one. The female fullgrown mumbled something like what about lupus its Latin for wolf.
        I must of fallen asleep because I am being taken inside a odd brick den now. they are speeking to me but I don't understand a word they say. They keep saying the word lupus why do they keep saying that. I try immatating their odd yips but that doesn't get me any where I try saying lupus but the only thing that gets me is more nonsense yips that sound like yes that's your name.
       It's getting dark outside of the den and I begin to wonder when they're going to go hunting about ten minutes later the male full grown tailess opens a tall metal box in the corner of the room  and pulls out some already dead prey. they offer me some so I take it, it tasted alright I guess.
      After we all finished eating the female young tailess took me around the den and pointed to things and said what they were called at least i think they were names she is telling me names of things I can't really tell . Last of all she pointed to me and said Lupus so I guess that's my name now.